Jeyam Kondaan Vinay and his love

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Jeyam Kondaan Vinay and his love Empty Jeyam Kondaan Vinay and his love

Post by swatika on Wed Sep 24, 2008 3:13 pm

Vinay, who has done Jeyam Kondaan and has few more opportunities in Kollywood says that, as a Kannadiga looking for opportunities in Kollywood has learnt Tamil and will dub with his own voice in all of his future films.
When asked, whether he is in love with any babe of Kollywood, he said "I was in love with a girl while I was living in Bangalore. I took up a career in modeling which my GF does not like. Hence she left me alone and settled in London. As my heart is burnt alive due to this separation, I have no place for any girls in my heart"
For a question, whether his love will get rejoined, he replied in negative, saying "She does not like even doing modelling, now I am dancing with lots of babes, which make the separation permanent"
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