Nayan to dance with Vadivelu

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Nayan to dance with Vadivelu Empty Nayan to dance with Vadivelu

Post by swatika on Fri Sep 19, 2008 4:53 pm

Vaigai pui kaattula Mazai! but sorry babes!
Yes, our Vaigai pui, danced with Shriya for his Azagappan movie and both Azagappan and Shriya were now out of market.
Then Asin danced with him in the movie Vijay starred Pokiri, Asin was out of the market even though the movie Pokiri did wonders in the theaters!
Now its for the movie Villu in which Vijay does the lead role and Nayan opposit him. Prabhu Deva is directing the movie and he is making Nayan to dance along with Vadivelu. Nayan is paid a very special fees for the same!
Lots of money has been pumped to arrange the sets for Vadivelu to dance with Nayan!
Let us see how Nayan - Vadivelu combination works!
GodFather - Lord of NAI
GodFather - Lord of NAI

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