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Post by swatika on Fri Sep 19, 2008 12:33 pm

Tamil cinema has forayed into new frontiers and it now enjoys an unprecedented global appeal.
The spotlight is on Kollywood for its movies being made with huge budgets involving top actors, directors and popular technicians.
Several corporate houses which see this as a viable business are stepping into film production and big ventures have become the order of the day.
However the box office has a different story to tell. The reality in the recent past is that several small and medium budget movies have surpassed mammoth ventures involving big stars.
The success of films including Chennai 600028, Subramaniapuram, Saroja, Poi Solla Porom, Kannum Kannum has rewritten the mantra of Tamil cinema that only established stars can give massive hits.
Also a host of movies including Kulir 100' and Mudhal Mudhal Mudhal Varai (M3V), movies for the metro audiences are under production. They carry urban themes that would appeal to the multiplex audience.
In contrast, films including Rajnikanth’s Kuselan, Vijay starrer Kuruvi, the much-hyped Sathyam starring Vishal and Nayanthara, their extravagant budgets, huge publicity and star power notwithstanding created few ripples at the box office.
The question now doing rounds in Kollywood is whether this trend signals a new beginning in Tamil cinema? Are people tired of ‘masala’ entertainers? Are they ready to welcome movies with innovative themes?
Has the mushrooming of multiplexes brought a change in their taste?
Says Krishnan Seshadri Gomadam, the director of M3V: ‘The tastes and preferences of the audience have changed a lot. They are tired of watching the hero bashing villain kind of stuff. M3V is a ‘Metro’ movie.
The way the characters behave, their speech, the kind of costumes they wear, the way they handle their relationships, their work culture... everything is metro...very urban’.
Exposure to international media and simultaneous releases of English movies here has brought this change, he asserts.
Echoing his views is young film-maker Anita Udeep. She is currently directing Kulir 100 starring newcomers, which she hopes, will set a new trend.
‘A good movie should appeal to the masses. It need not have big stars or be made with huge budgets. If that’s the case, why have many big ventures bombed at the box office recently?’ she asks.
Actor-director Venkat Prabhu, who perhaps set the trend with Chennai 600028, a movie on gully cricket, says, ‘of course yes. If a movie engages the audience, it is successful. Chennai 600028 and Saroja were true to life and managed to connect with the audience.’
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