Rajini chased Aish

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Rajini chased Aish Empty Rajini chased Aish

Post by swatika on Fri Sep 19, 2008 12:32 pm

Here is the story of Rajini's Enthiran - Robot. This will give you a preview of Enthiran.
Enthiran story takes us to India 2020.
Rajini is a great scientist by 2020 and is into research on nano technology and robots.
As expected, Rajini has a beautiful secretary and she is Aish. Rajini and Aish work day and night to make a Robot which can perform as if as a man.
Villains hack that Robot and make it malfunction and there goes the story. As the Robot made by Rajini is also falls in deep love with Aish, Rajini was forced to handle the malfunction created by the villains as well us to save his date Aish from the robot itself.
Scientist Rajini makes the robot and Aishwarya to love each other (Aish will just act in front of Robot as if she is in love with Robot, even though she does not like machines')
Due to love on Aishwarya, the Robot obeys all commands of Aish and there by Rajini rectifies all the troubles!!!
To be noted here is that the Robot is also another Rajini in Robo costume!!! This Robots only job is to chase Aishwary always!!!
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