For next few years Kushboo's husband may not act

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For next few years Kushboo's husband may not act Empty For next few years Kushboo's husband may not act

Post by Priya on Fri Sep 12, 2008 5:35 pm

Sundar C might have started off his film career by shouting ‘action’ but he has begun delivering ‘action’ of late.

The man, who stood behind the lenses for various blockbusters, now faces the camera.

More interestingly, he is now one of the close competitors of many ‘heroes’, he had once directed.

In a freewheeling chat with News Today on the sets of Vaa Da at Ooty, Sundar C admitted that he would like to take a break from acting. This is what he had to say.

‘Apart from Vaa Da, three of my films- Perumal, Thee and Aindham Padai are yet to hit the screens. Hence, I have decided not to accept any projects, till these movies see the light of the day. I don’t want to confuse things and create chaos.’

Is there any project in the pipeline after the release of these three movies? Sundar shrugs, ‘Yes. I am planning to act and direct a film titled Ulagam Suttrum Valiban. I have been an ardent fan of MGR right from my childhood. It is my dream to act in a film with such a title.’

These days, the tinsel town is against naming films after yesteryear blockbusters. When asked about this, the actor-director said, ‘it is like naming a child after a great leader or an actor.

A film with the title of a cult hit comes with a tag that it has lot of respect for veterans. I don’t think there is any mistake in it.’

What could have prompted Sundar to don the grease paint at a time when he was a successful director? ‘I have made 24 films in 10 years. It was getting monotonous.

Besides, I got offers to act even when I was directing films. But I thought I didn’t have the looks to become an actor. I was also doubtful about my voice modulation and diction. Thankfully, the audience has accepted me.’

On acting under other directors, Sundar said, ‘There won’t be any problem unless you fall into an image trap. When I act in a film by another director, I get to play a variety of roles. I consider myself a beginner as far as acting is concerned. I know I have to focus on histrionics, costumes and toning my body.’

Does success in acting mean the end of directing? ‘Right now, I’m concentrating on acting. Direction is time-consuming. One must have the urge to direct. However, as I already said, I myself will wield the megaphone for my next venture as a hero.’

What is his actor-wife Kushboo’s contribution to his career? ‘She’s a good critic and can easily spot the flaws in my work. That has helped me. I’m also cautious about my acting because I know I have a senior actor in the family. We discuss a lot about our career. We also find time for our kids.’
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