Secret loves of kollywood’s leading ladies

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Secret loves of kollywood’s leading ladies Empty Secret loves of kollywood’s leading ladies

Post by swatika on Wed Sep 03, 2008 6:34 pm

Women all over the world have a soft corner for jewels and generally there are few exceptions to this rule. Today's women have a wide variety to choose from and are certainly a happy lot. Behindwoods found out from some of Kollywood's leading ladies what their piece of favorite jewelry was.
Asin – For this busy girl from Malabar like elegant classy pieces - especially daimond finger rings.
Sneha - Diamonds are her best friends and this smiling siren does not miss a single opportunity to collect them.
Nayanthara – has a similar liking towards diamond rings but this lady goes in only for solitaires.
Namitha – This buxom lady loves the maattal type of earrings and her cupboard overflows with such pieces.
Bhavana – Chithiram Pesudadi girl goes crazy over different types of gold bracelets and she generally buys them in Kerala where elegance and style rule the designs in gold jewelry.
Priya Mani – This National award winning actress favors elegant black metal jewels and unpretentious gold chains. Simple jewels for the simple Muthazhagu.
Trisha – One of the three ladies to be very fond of diamond rings, Trisha is generally on a buying spree whenever she makes an overseas trip. She even has a collection of diamond rings.
Lakshmi Rai – prefers gold earrings and ottiyanam. And she wears them with the right costume.
Padmapriya – swears by antique jewelry and having said that, collects them whenever possible. She also likes gold nose-pins a lot and feels that it accentuates her perfect nose.
Madhumitha – is passionate about gold earrings of different kinds and wears them regularly for all occasions.
Pooja – though not particular about gold jewels, prefers small earrings.
Meera Jasmine – Single chunky Kadas tops the list in Meera Jasmine's jewelry collection. This lady feels that a single piece is enough to highlight the beauty of her hand.
Lekha Washington – Jayamkondan Lekha has a soft spot for Chutti and chunky haarams. Though she is generally spotted in trendy modern wear, when she gets a chance to appear in traditional outfits, her dressing will be complete only after she wears chutti and haaram. The right mix of tradition and modernity indeed!
Malavika – gold chains and ear rings are of fatal attraction for her, and the lady claims that she has a good collection of them
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