Sarajo story Chuttathaa?

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Sarajo story Chuttathaa? Empty Sarajo story Chuttathaa?

Post by swatika on Tue Aug 26, 2008 12:47 pm

It is told that the story and the way movie is taken is so similar to that of an English Hollywood movie. Venkat Prabhu, the director of the movie denies this news and says that it all came in his own idea and if it looked similar to that of another movie, then the universe is thinking the same way how he thinks.
When asked, whether the story of Sarajo is swindled from Hollywood, he was giving these answers. Venkat, actually gave a long lecture to answer this question . He was talking a lot of other things and diverting the attention than giving a straight forward answer.
He also informed that he is more interested in directing Ajith!
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