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Post by swatika on Mon Aug 25, 2008 6:04 pm

Three comparatively small budget films with no big stars - Dhaam Dhoom, Jayam Kondaan, Saroja are slated for release this Friday (August 29). The theatres are not very excited about it after the Kuselan fiasco.
Producers of these respective films are running around trying to get some paltry MG amount, atleast for the prints and publicity. Earlier the theatres used to give Rs Two to Five Lakhs as token advance or MG for such kind of small films.
Now the theatres have become very strict and stingy and are saying that the print should be delivered by Thursday night, otherwise they will chart other language films! Films will be screened only on terms, which means percentage basis. This makes it even more risky, if sufficient collection is not there on the opening day they can remove it. The small films always run on word of mouth, and will take time to pick up. But if collections are poor, the theatre management will just mercilessly stop the film after a week. They have a wide choice as plenty of movies are due for release in September.
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