Still Nalini in love with Ramarajan

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Still Nalini in love with Ramarajan Empty Still Nalini in love with Ramarajan

Post by swatika on Wed Aug 20, 2008 1:22 pm

Ramarajan, who married Nalini on a completion from a top political leader of that time, too divorce from her giving some mythological reasons. Even during the judgment day on the divorce issue, Nalini fainted on the shoulders of Ramarajan, still Ramarajan kept away from her.
Then it was told that Ramarajan suffers from stroke and in bed. But all of a sudden, recently he declared that he is producing a movie in which he will be the hero. It is said that he sold lot of his properties to produce his latest adventure. Nalini is feeling sorry for him as she feels he may loose all of his properties in cine industry.
She keeps Viratham for the welfare of Ramarajan and prays to lord that he should not loose all his property. To be remembered here is that he already sold out his major assets like cinema halls in Madurai, which he bought during his high time.
GodFather - Lord of NAI
GodFather - Lord of NAI

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