S.P.B.Charan speaks about his film

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S.P.B.Charan speaks about his film Empty S.P.B.Charan speaks about his film

Post by Guest on Thu Aug 14, 2008 4:42 pm

S.P.B.Charan says that he will not produce masala films. Capital Film Works which produced Chennai 28 is now producing another film titled Kunguma Poovum Konjum Pooravum.
S.P.B.Charan speaks about his film Kungum10
S.P.B.Charan while speaking about this film said, I am a fan of Chandra Babu. When director Raj Mohan narrated me the story which had the title of the song sung by Chandra Babu, I readily agreed to do this film. In most of the films lovers unite and film gets over. But this film tells how they run the livelihood after reunion.
New face Ramki is debuting as a hero in this film. New face Dharshini is the heroine of this film . 65% of the shooting is over. Though I am an actor I have decided not act in the films I produce. I will act in others films. I produce movies which has a good story line. I have no belief in making commercial masala films with fight scenes.
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