Sundar Cís promise for Vivek

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Sundar Cís promise for Vivek Empty Sundar Cís promise for Vivek

Post by Guest on Thu Aug 14, 2008 4:26 pm

ďIn all my films, Vivek should be a part of itĒ says Sundar C to all the directors who approach him with the script.
Sundar Cís promise for Vivek Sundar10
Of course, glimpse through the films that has Sundar C playing the lead role, you will surely find Vivek in it. In his debut film ĎThalainagaramí as hero, Vadivelu was a part of it taking care of humor part. But tiff over certain things created a drift among them. Sooner, Sundar C opted to include Vivek in all his films.
Veeraapu, Sandai, Aauydham Seivoam, Thee, Perumal, Vaada, Iyndham Padai and remake of Uzhagam Suttrum Vaaliban, all these films have Sundar C and Vivek pairing up together.
Of course, this pair has proved of attention grabbing for the audiences as the combo of Sathyaraj-Goundamani rocked in all their films.
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