“I didn’t go for Plastic Surgery’ Navya Nair

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“I didn’t go for Plastic Surgery’ Navya Nair Empty “I didn’t go for Plastic Surgery’ Navya Nair

Post by Guest on Thu Aug 14, 2008 4:18 pm

Actress Navya Nair was reported to have undergone Plastic surgery and let’s sees what she has got to say about.

As we approached to get the things confirmed, she says that while shooting for a film in recent times, she was injured by a deep wound below her lips and that looked uglier. So she decided to go for a plastic surgery. Also she added that performing plastic surgery with the attempts of getting more beautiful is something very bad against nature. Continuing to speak on this, she stated that actresses like Sandhya must understand this and act accordingly, since she underwent plastic surgery altering the size of her nose.
We have to wait and see how Sandhya reacts to this…
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