Rajini 'Mental'?

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Rajini 'Mental'? Empty Rajini 'Mental'?

Post by Guest on Thu Aug 14, 2008 4:02 pm

Why Rajnikanth is ‘Mental’?

Superstar Rajnikanth has been making high waves throughout the World and that’s the magic of his charisma. A great man who is worshipped and respected by many, an entity being an inspiration for zillions in the World regarded as ‘Mental’. How dare do the magazine happen to be so atrocious in commenting on him. Not alone us, here we have one of the leading journalists who earlier worked in Junior Vikatan. Over here, he brings about his working experience and how the scenario has changed today.
Mayavarthan in his blog has printed the following the statements…..
“There were times when I worked there in the magazine of Junior Vikatan when I respected it with all my soul. My insatiable passion for journalism was sprouted over there, since I could learn the best ethics. The officials working there kept it a point that any individual, be it a big tycoon or a small time petty shop owner, none must be hurt with personal intentions. But today, I feel ashamed that the officials have turned unsaturated in their works. I have been observing the magazine for past few days and they have been personally attacking the name of Rajnikanth.


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