Cheran surrenders to Priyamani

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Cheran surrenders to Priyamani Empty Cheran surrenders to Priyamani

Post by swatika on Fri Jul 25, 2008 12:15 pm

Few days before Priyamani came out accusing Cheran for teasing her. According to her Cheran has said, Priyamani is not the eligible person to get an national award.
Cheran met the media and clarified his stand. He says, he have never said anything what Priyamani says about him.
He advises Priyamani to act for leading directors and avoid acting with leading heroes. Cheran justifies his this statement. He says that leading directors give importance for the character and will not consider whether its male artist or female artist, while leading hero will take care of his importance in the movie and will make all other characters dummy.
Cheran gave this statement to counter the claim of Priyamani, that she is not able to act with leading men in the industry.
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