A serial about why MR Radha shot MGR

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A serial about why MR Radha shot MGR Empty A serial about why MR Radha shot MGR

Post by swatika on Fri Jul 25, 2008 12:15 pm

January 12, 1967 is never forgettable day in Tamil Nadu. That was the day M R Radha shot MGR. The bullet was lodged in MGR's throat and MGR was rushed to the hospital. MGR managed to escape M R Radha firing but his voice dead.
Why did M R Radha shot at MGR? Still this question is being asked, even though almost half a century is passing after the event too place!
It has been a mystery all these years, no one ready to disclose or even speak out.
Makkal TV has taken up the job and is making it as a serial. The serial will be telecast in Makkal TV from Monday to Friday every night at 8.30pm. Makkal TV has already won acclaim by telecasting real stories on Auto Shankar and 'Sandanakaadu' on Veerappan. As everybody still remebers the event, the serial on M R Radha shot MGR, is titled as 'Marakka Mudiyuma?'
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