Item girls and their feelings

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Item girls and their feelings Empty Item girls and their feelings

Post by swatika on Tue Jul 22, 2008 12:04 am

According to a film critic, ‘today the industry is hero-driven and the heroines hardly have any part to play in the movie. Their sustenance in the industry depends solely on their glamour. So everyone is ready for every thing’.
Nayanthara appeared in a daring two-piece bikini for Billa, Namitha’s matter-of-fact expose in all her movies are stuff for internet-search desperadoes. Even the seemingly prim Trisha, just as the market is slipping under her feet, is into skin show.
Does that mean is glamour the only mantra for the survival of heroines?
Namitha has no doubts, ‘of course yes,’ she says with firmness.
But she is not worried about the typecasting. ‘I am happy when my fans see me as an eyecandy.’
Namitha is also clear that glamour should not be forced in the movie. It should be within the limits.
Sniktha says, ‘when I appeared for a song in Anjathae, I never thought I would end up as heroine. I am currently acting in Mysskin’s Nandhalala and Rajathi Raja opposite Lawrence Raghavendra’.
‘If I get good offers, I would continue to dance’, she says.
According to a director, ‘appearing for a song helps the actresses make some quick money. And some time if the song is a rage, she gets more fame than is possible through any full-fledged heroine role’.
The case of Malavika is a good example. She played the heroine in many movies without any egregious success. But she hit pay dirt as one-song hip-shaker.
It is such stories of success that perhaps drives somebody like Shriya, who is undoubtedly an A-list actress, to do an item number in a lowly Vadivelu film. Of course, the money that was offered to her for the song was equivalent to that of a heroine’s salary. But the fact she did that song just after the showboat that Sivaji was to her points to the changing dynamics of the glamour business.
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