Kushboo escapes sex cases

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Kushboo escapes sex cases Empty Kushboo escapes sex cases

Post by Maya on Thu Jul 10, 2008 12:14 pm

Kushboo escapes sex cases Kushbo10
Supreme Court has stayed all the cases relating to Kushboo on her sex speech.
Bar dancer turned actress Kushboo, few years ago, commented that all girls in Tamil Nadu are only like her and if their husbands think that his wife is virgin before marriage, then he should be an uncultured idiot or an illiterate.
This comment of her does not anger any men, but ladies of Tamil Nadu got anger and were searching for Kushboo with broom sticks.
Kushboo escaped from them, but the public filed case against her for her inflammatory speech.
Kushboo sought the help of Supreme Court in Delhi, and Delhi has stayed for all the defamatory cases pending against her.

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