Stunt, dance and even movies goes abroad

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Stunt, dance and even movies goes abroad Empty Stunt, dance and even movies goes abroad

Post by swatika on Tue Jul 01, 2008 12:23 am

Gone are the days when a Tamil movie was shot within the four walls of a studio or in lush green locales in rural Tamilnadu.

Till recently, Kollywood directors and producers shot only songs in a foreign country.
But now they make the major portion of a movie there. The likes of Unnale Unnale, Thoondil, Billa and Vegam were some of them.

Director Shankar and cinematographer Rathnavelu are on a world tour to finalise locations for Rajnikanth's Robot.

They will travel to Vienna in Austria, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and Hanoi in Vietnam to identify the locations. The shooting is expected to begin in August.

Actors Suriya, Vikram, Vijay and Prasanna are trying their luck in foreign locales. Surya's Ayan would be shot in Zanzibar, Vijay would fly to Italy for Villu and Vikram to Mexico for Kanthaswamy.

Ayan, directed by K V Anand, features Surya and Tamanna. It is produced by AVM. Villu, directed by Prabhudeva, features Nayantara opposite Vijay.

Susi Ganesan's Kanthaswamy starring Vikram and Shreya would be shot in Mexico. Prasanna's Achchamundu Achchamundu is shot entirely in the United States.
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