Asin blames her dad for all her failures

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Asin blames her dad for all her failures Empty Asin blames her dad for all her failures

Post by Maya on Mon Jun 30, 2008 10:37 am

Finally, Asin has found out the reason why she is not able to get even a single chance in hindi and why her only opportunity too got dropped.
She now pin points her dad for all her failures.
Her father is was doubling up as her personal assistant. He screens all producers and puts forth his often exorbitant demands.
He does not allow producers to meet her daughter and asks for astronomical sums to sign her up for their films. The situation is so bad that Asin is unable to sign up for any film, thanks to the over enthusiasm and greed shown by her father.
At this rate, Asin may not be able to bag any new films in bollywood, advised Asin who are close to her.

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