Sarathkumar’s daughter is dating…

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Sarathkumar’s daughter is dating… Empty Sarathkumar’s daughter is dating…

Post by Maya on Thu Jun 26, 2008 10:56 am

Sarathkumar’s daughter is dating… Files410

Sarathkumar had a wife Chaya before dating Nagma and marrying Radhika. Chaya has two daughters fathered by Sarath.
The first daughter of Chaya, Varalakshmi is said to be dating Simbhu.
Our Vambhu was all these days searching for girls to pair with him and every girl he identifies and approach, used to escape from the area.
Clever Vambhu created a relationship with innocent Varalakshmi and is making her to pair with him in movies, so that this girl always stays with him!!!
Now she is said to be to pair with him in his new movie Thiru Vaadaa.. Thirumathi pOdeee. (every day he has one title for this movie)

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