It's not just Rajinikanth!

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It's not just Rajinikanth! Empty It's not just Rajinikanth!

Post by Priya on Wed Jun 25, 2008 10:25 am

It's not just Rajinikanth's role that has been augmented in Kuselan but another important character has also been modified so that his screen space is more than in the original version Katha Parayum Bol. Well, if you had guessed it to be Pasupathy's role then you are wrong. The character in question is Vadivelu's part in Kuselan. While the comedy element was limited in the original version, the makers of Kuselan felt that the Rajini-Vadivelu combo worked out well in Chandramukhi and have decided to cash in on the magic once again. And as in Chandramukhi, Vadivelu gets to speak rhyming dialogues. Is this going to be another laugh riot?
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