I will be making Maruthanaayagam in a bigger way

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I will be making Maruthanaayagam in a bigger way Empty I will be making Maruthanaayagam in a bigger way

Post by Maya on Fri Jun 20, 2008 11:02 am

I will be making Maruthanaayagam in a bigger way Files12
Dasavatharam is doing a wonderful job in theaters and Kamal was in Hyderabad to promote Telugu version of the movie.
He was answering questions asked by the media.
Q: How do you get the idea to make Dasavatharam?
Kamal: Its a long term project. I was planning this movie for few years.
Q: How hard you worked to make the movie?
Kamal: Its not hard work. Its a well planned job. So there is no question of any hard work
Q: What do you think, is a success?
Kamal: I don't recognize anything as success other than the appreciation that I receive from the movie watchers.
Q: Don't you think the movie Dasavatharam is strong in techniques, but very poor in story?
Kamal: Its nature for those who always think and speak negative to comment like this. I don't care about such stupid comments. For me, if the movie watcher is satisfied, then my job is done successfully.
Q: The movie seems to be moving very fast. Will the C category viewer be able to follow the movie?
Kamal: The fastness is the specialty for the movie.
Q: Any special news?
Kamal: Soon my dream project Maruthanayagam will be started and I am sure I will do even a better job in that movie.
Q: Which is the role in Dasavatharam, you like more out of the 10?
Kamal: Do you think, to a mother of 10, if you ask which child she likes much, she will be able to identify one? Same thing applies me too!

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