Prasanth to form Affected Husband's Association

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Prasanth to form Affected Husband's Association Empty Prasanth to form Affected Husband's Association

Post by Pollathavan on Tue Jun 17, 2008 1:26 am

All these days women used to have associations, very special laws to protect them from men atrocities.

Time has changed a lot and now females who torture their husbands, do domestic violence against their husbands, try to misuse the law enacted to safeguard them against innocent hubbies, etc.,

Kollywood for the first time has seen a affected male and that is Prasanth's case.

Prasanth who managed to escape from his wife's violence against him is now getting ready to float an association for men who suffer like him.

This association will give morale support, legal support for men those who suffer in the hands of women.

Already there are millions of membership requests.

Prasanth to form Affected Husband's Association Spam10

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