Karunaas chased by an elephant

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Karunaas chased by an elephant Empty Karunaas chased by an elephant

Post by Guest on Thu Jun 12, 2008 2:16 pm

Karunaas chased by an elephant Karuna10

Actor Karunaas is well known for slapstick comedy and witty comments. Wonder if such a comment had enraged an elephant into chasing him during the filming of the movie 'Dindukkal Sarathy' which debuts him as hero.Karunaas has a personality that emanates fun for people all around him. Known for practical jokes and witty one-liners in shooting spots, the actor was to be carried by the temple elephant in one shot. Though the elephant cooperated in the first take, it somehow got perturbed by Karunaas during the retake and started chasing him. The actor had to run into the Temple for safety.

The shooting for the film has been taking place in Karaikudi for a month now. The location was the Muthumariyamman temple and the elephant there was involved in a harmless shot.Hope Karunaas's real life comic gestures seep into the film also. If that happens the movie could be so very hilarious that everyone can enjoy.


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