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Meenakshi - Heroine with a difference Empty Meenakshi - Heroine with a difference

Post by swatika on Tue Jun 03, 2008 10:50 am

Director Samy who made 'Mirugam' is coming up with his next film titled 'Sarithiram'. The search for the heroine was on for a very long time across the length and breadth of India in vain. A condition set by the director made finding the right heroine that much difficult. The director was absolutely adamant that the heroine should be an expert of 'Silambattam' before shooting can commence.
Finally actress Meenakshi of 'Karuppusamy Kuthigaikarar' fame has come to the director's rescue. The actress is prepared to learn the art of 'Silambattam' and is up to the project. Meenakshi, it seems had been waiting for the right script to come across and didn't want to be part of any run of the mill project.
The whole idea of learning Silambattam has fascinated her and has remarked that not only is she willing to learn the traditional art, but also is open to learning a lot more skills if it can make her a good artiste. Her commitment sure is laudable.
It should be good to see a demure girl get on with the bamboo stick with precision.
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