If reducing salary fails, try reducing cloth

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If reducing salary fails, try reducing cloth Empty If reducing salary fails, try reducing cloth

Post by swatika on Thu May 29, 2008 3:00 pm

Girls in Kollywood compete each other using different tricks. Few tried giving special parties, but many lost opportunities because of the same.
In the case of Trisha, she announced reduction of her fees to the tune of 70%, still there is no takers for her. So now she has decided to go in bikini.
If the case is like this for Trisha, imagine the condition of other females in the industry. They are now busy preparing albums in which they have appeared in different costumes including bikini and other semi nudity.
Madumitha too has done one such album, but this clever girl has gone one step ahead by giving a price tag behind every photo, meaning that the fees will apply depending on the size of the costume.
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