If the movie has story, then sorry

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If the movie has story, then sorry Empty If the movie has story, then sorry

Post by swatika on Thu May 29, 2008 3:00 pm

Once upon a time, girls in Kollywood try hard to get awards. Now the situation has changed. They try hard only to make money. Here is a female who has come up declaring the same openly.
Jenelia, says "If the director says, he is aiming for awards through the movie, I will be the first one to refuse the offer."
She adds "I am happy appearing as a glamour doll in the movies. Please don't expect more than that from me. I don't believe in number games like No. 1 or 2. The status depends on the mindset and nothing more than that."
She also says "The career in which I am into does not have any barrier relating to language." She is now busy in Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai.
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