For Sangeetha, money is more important

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For Sangeetha, money is more important Empty For Sangeetha, money is more important

Post by Priya on Wed May 28, 2008 2:17 pm

"For me money and then story for the movie is more important than anything else" declares Sangeetha.

She never accepts films if the story is of Hero subject. She is ready to do any kind of role (Please note... Any Kind....) provided the story gives importance to her.

She says "I look for good quality story and money, but people says I am looking for controversial story to get quick fame. For me the fame that I have attained is more sufficient and now I am concentrating only on making money"

She wants to do only two movies a year like Kollywood men do. But for females, if the age shoots up there will be no takers in Kollywood. This basic concept, Sangeetha does not have learnt.
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