Jeeva picks only college girls

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Jeeva picks only college girls Empty Jeeva picks only college girls

Post by swatika on Tue May 27, 2008 3:07 pm

As per family custom, Jeeva married in his very young age, the girl with whom he was in love and hence has a wife.
There is no gossip about Jeeva relating him with any other girl and he makes the world believe that he cares only his wife.
But its not true as per the gossips reaching us. He dates with college girls who are from middle class families. He goes with one girl a day and wash the girl and their dresses well before leaving the resort where he enjoyed as he fears any drop of detail left will cost him lot.
He prefers middle class girls, because they can't shout more and they also fear for moral and they themselves will hide the details as they will never want to spoil their own image in the society, while rich and poor may shout a lot as they don't care about the society.
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