Dasavatharam Wordwide on June 6th

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Dasavatharam Wordwide on June 6th Empty Dasavatharam Wordwide on June 6th

Post by swatika on Fri May 23, 2008 3:42 pm

Yes, all the fans of Kamal have a reason to rejoice. The much awaited magnum opus of Padmashri Kamal Hassan will be release worldwide on June 6th. The film is slated to be released initially in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi.
Producer Oscar Ravichandran is now busy with the promotional videos of the movie which is to be played out at the last leg of the IPL matches in Chepauk. As with the producerís prior film releases, Ravichandran will feed 1,000 poor children on the occasion.
Oscar Films is getting a 1,000 prints ready for the first run. As the demand increase from theatres, they will make more prints.
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