Vadivelu to play hero again

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Vadivelu to play hero again Empty Vadivelu to play hero again

Post by swatika on Fri May 23, 2008 1:07 pm

After the flop of 'Indiralogathil...' Vadivelu decided to let go his aspirations to play hero roles, but now a story has come up to make him change his mind again.
Whenever Thuppariyum Sambu pokes his nose into a matter, it turns out favorably for him. Turn the Sambu character topsy turvy.
The man's a murderer by profession. Whatever he does, ends up in disaster for him. This is the character that has impressed Vadivelu.
In contrast to 'Indiralogathil...', the film is supposed be a two and half hour of riotous comedy. The comic murderer character has been evolved by Raju Eswaran of the TV serial Mayavi Mareechan.
The film is to be directed by Theatre Owners Association President, Abhirami Ramanathan. Let's see if the murderer role will give Vadivelu the hit that Indiran did not give!
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