A.R.Rahman adds more sweetness to the 'Sugar Cube'

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A.R.Rahman adds more sweetness to the 'Sugar Cube' Empty A.R.Rahman adds more sweetness to the 'Sugar Cube'

Post by swatika on Thu May 22, 2008 4:53 pm

There is no need to dig up the history and try to explain how the songs composed by A.R.Rahman in a lot of movies have went on to become youth anthems and how the expectations about a film increase and also add pages to its publicity when the news break out loose that the Mozart of Asia is composing the music for the songs in it.
The unit of the new film 'Sakkarakatti' can be assured of peppy, spicy, groovy and addictive music to do service to the ears of the audience as Rahman's compositions have done several times before being a big support factor to the success of the movie.
Getting A.R.Rahman to use his skills in a film is a very difficult task given his busy schedule and if the music maestro selects a movie then definitely he must have found something fascinating in the story of the film.
So the Job of building an aura around the potential of 'Sakkarakatti' a movie targeted at the youth has already been half done.
And when Rahman goes for something, he makes it the best.
A Singer Veena Bharatwaj was flown specially from London to record a song in this new film.
Other singers are Naresh Iyer, now a Rahman regular, Madhu sree, and Benny among others.
The audio tracks of a perfect blend of classical and hip hop music boasts of a song titled "I Miss U Da" which has been given sounds and tones that has never been heard before in Indian Films.
The director of the film himself admitted to have got hooked up with a youthful and inspiring ambiance in A.R.Rahman's studio when the songs were recorded.
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