Farzana dates Telugu Allari Naresh

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Farzana dates Telugu Allari Naresh Empty Farzana dates Telugu Allari Naresh

Post by swatika on Tue May 20, 2008 3:39 pm

It is told that this female is compelling Naresh to marry her, else she threatens to go in public about their private relationship.
She demands the producers to make Naresh to pair with her in all her movies.
As the news leaked out about their closeness, she has come out saying there is nothing of that sort, but people who know close about her says that she is having few video clips to threaten Naresh!!!
Telugu industry says "With father E V V Satyanaryana not around, Actor Allari Naresh is seen using all the freedom in exploring matters related to his heart. The actor has been caught in love net with actress Farzana on the sets of "SEEMA SHASTRY". As per one unit member "Love is in air between Naresh and Farzana. They are seen hand in hand during the break times and Naresh is personally dropping Farzana every day at the end of the shift. The couples are inseparable on sets and they are every much in love". Let's hope the love blossoms and gets the required watering from EVV. "
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