Shreeshanth met Lakshmi Rai in Bangalore hotel

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Shreeshanth met Lakshmi Rai in Bangalore hotel Empty Shreeshanth met Lakshmi Rai in Bangalore hotel

Post by swatika on Tue May 20, 2008 3:34 pm

Cricketer Shree Shanth of Karnataka has had a very close private discussion with Lakshmi Rai in a hotel room in Bangalore before flying to Australia.
This is the most hot news goin round in Cricketer's circle.
Lakshmi Rai who was busy serving the society on demand or call, with the help of Prakash Ra(i)j got opportunities to act in movies. She was then serving exclusively Prakash Raj as a girl friend during his foriegn trips. Recently she came out heavily against Prakash, saying that her association with old married men is not getting any satisfaction to her career. But then she was found coming out from a hotel room in early hour on her B day with Prakash after offering him a very special over night treat.
Now after a long gap she is said to be given a party to another man, i.e Cricketer Shreeshanth.
Sreesanth played for a game in Australia for India against Australia and has performed better than his usual by taking two wickets in two overs, to be noted here is that this performance boost has come after the party.
Both of them was found dating in public places before reaching the hotel room. Their first preliminary discussion started at the shooting spot of a Kannada movie Minsina Oottaa. Their discussion went about an hour and it was almost midnight crossed.
Then they moved to a star hotel and enjoyed the thin hours of the day!!!
When this reporter contacted the movie crew, they say its all a part and parcel in the life of cine females and they don't want to comment on it.
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