Simbhu's drastic decision

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Simbhu's drastic decision Empty Simbhu's drastic decision

Post by Maya on Tue May 20, 2008 11:38 am

Simbhu's drastic decision Simbu10
Followed by series of flops with his previous ventures like Vallavan and Kaalai, Simbhu has been fallen in gloomy mood. Not alone with the flops, but he has become the center of show for rumors and gossips, especially with female centric issues. Now he has decided that he will meet media channels only once in three years.
Earlier, Simbhu had taken many resolutions. They were like Simbhu telling that he would never fall in love with anyone again. But, the latest sensational buzzes in the air are that he has been sending frequent SMS to Nayanthara in order to get her back. Apart from this, Simbhu had mentioned that he wouldn't take part in movie events until he makes a super hit movie. Well, these were the greatest resolutions taken by Simbhu, seeking for success in tinsel town

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