Another war cry from Aamir

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Another war cry from Aamir Empty Another war cry from Aamir

Post by swatika on Sat May 17, 2008 2:05 pm

Ego clashes and rivalry props up when there is a reason.
So does any Bollywood enthusiast know why Superstar Aamir Khan called the badshah of B-Town Shah Rukh Khan No.2 through which he indirectly conveyed that he is the right contender for the No.1 slot some time back.
No one knows.

King Khan gave a reply in his own way laughing, but then it was back to business and no war of words having enough stuff for the media to chase followed.

So what has provoked the versatile Aamir Khan to again target Shah Rukh through his blog by saying "Shah Rukh is licking my feet and I am feeding him biscuits every now and then. What more can I ask for.

Aamir Khan of course makes it quite clear that he is not referring to the film star Shah Rukh but to a dog named after the megastar in his Panchgani home that too not owned by himself but by the caretakers of his home.

The director of 'Taare Zameen Per' also add in his blog that the dog was named Shah Rukh by the caretakers only because the puppy was brought to the house on the day King Khan was shooting for a commercial in the house some years back.

Before finishing up his explanations about the name of the dog and its history Aamir takes a final dig at Shah Rukh by stating that some of his friends even think that he bought the house because of the dog named Shah Rukh that came with it.

Aamir ends up with providing the readers of his blog with a chance to guess whether they think he is a serious fan of Shah Rukh if he has to buy a house with a dog named after the star.

Is this an indicator of an old hidden grudge of Aamir towards Shah Rukh that Mr. Perfectionist is dying to let out? Let the Khans say it themselves.

But Aamir, whatever people say to your comments, you have done a good deed in making a celebrity out of a dog.
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