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Surya and for a good cause Empty Surya and for a good cause

Post by swatika on Sat May 17, 2008 11:22 am

Real heroes are not those who show with their 6 pack abs and showcase their sizzling looks. But a real hero is someone who gets on with an attempt of doing something beneficiary for the society. Well, here comes Mr. Surya with his Agaram Foundation, Social Media India Ltd and Every child aspires to be a hero, and the road to success is through education and those who aren't educated are not heroes, but zeroes. Fine! this indeed was the concept that these associations have got it spread through their music album.

The music album based on education for all children in the society features actors Madhavan, Surya, Vijay and Jyothika together. They have come up with the message for the Government to ensure that education is provided to all to diminish class systems in the society.
The documentary album is directed by Priya V with K V Anand canning the shots, Harris Jayaraj scoring music, Rajeevan taking care of art direction and Na. Muthukumar penning lyrics.
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