From Naan Kadavul to Sarvam

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From Naan Kadavul to Sarvam Empty From Naan Kadavul to Sarvam

Post by Maya on Fri May 16, 2008 11:38 am

From Naan Kadavul to Sarvam 1arya11
With soft and charming looks, Actor Arya had grabbed the girls' attention and happened to be their heartthrob. But, ever since shooting for his Naan Kadavul hit the floors, this man had to start growing his beard and long hair.
So, he was no longer a charming boy, but a vigorous and controversial pious man and that was his character for Naan Kadavul. Shooting was done in a time period of about 650 days and for this many period, he had to remain with the same get-up. However, now all the shots in the film have been canned and that makes a change in Arya. He is no more a swamji with beard and long hair. Aarya has now got it trimmed and looks normal. Getting back his charm looks was for nothing but Sarvam. This would be his next film directed by his close friend Vishnuvardhan.

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