Captain Vijayakanth in trouble again!

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Captain Vijayakanth in trouble again! Empty Captain Vijayakanth in trouble again!

Post by Guest on Wed May 14, 2008 8:48 pm

The Govt. of Tamil Nadu has served notices to the President of DMDK 'Captain' Vijayakanth on alleged violation in acquiring 403 acres farm land near Madhuranthagam, 80 Km from Chennai. He has been served 3 notices on Friday by the officials of land ceiling regulation department.

According to the Kanchipuram district collectorate authorities, the farm, known by the name Captain Pannai Limited, has Vijayakanth, his wife Premalatha and brother in la LK Sutheesh as directors.

Following complaints of encroachment by the farm of 28 acres of government land voiced by local people, the DMDK chief has been served a notice by The Tehsildar of Madhuranthagam Taluk to return the encroached land to the government before March 5. The Tehsildar's notice has also been pasted on the entrance to the farm that has electric fencing surrounding it. The notice was served on Feb.21.

The panchayat chief of Thevathur near Madhuranthagam has also made a complaint on Vijaykanth's Pannai land that he had violated PWD's water management rules and encroach water canals of the area. PWD's water management section has also sent a notice to Vijayakanth to give up the encroachment area.

The land reforms joint commissioner of Villupuram also served a notice to Vijayakanth and his wife to appear in person or send authorised representatives for an enquiry on March 11 on the violation of land ceiling act in acquiring the farmland. He also had asked why the government should not acquire the entire farmland under the Land ceiling act (1976) allows the acquisition of land in excess of the ceiling limit (15 standard acres)!


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