Kuruvi Vijay hurts Ajith

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Kuruvi Vijay hurts Ajith Empty Kuruvi Vijay hurts Ajith

Post by swatika on Wed May 14, 2008 2:55 pm

The internal quarrel between Vijay and Ajith is well known to all. For quite some time Vijay was keeping quite without delivering any dialogues against Ajith through his movies.
Vijay, during the release of Kireedom created trouble by making his girl friend's fans to pull down Ajith's hoardings. Then in an attempt to go friendly, Vijay called up Ajith and gave him a dinner at his house.
Then everyone in the Kollywood circle felt that Vijay is taking up a friendly approach with Ajith but Vijay's dialogues in Kuruvi has proved everyone's guess as wrong.
Now Thalai in his next movie will give back in the same way!!
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