Nagma is Christian now

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Nagma is Christian now Empty Nagma is Christian now

Post by swatika on Wed May 14, 2008 2:54 pm

Once Nagma was in her career peak and also in her dating peak. Every other day she was found with a new boy friend and many of her boy friends were into trouble because of the relationship they had with this female. During the marriage of Surya - Jothika, she declared an unwanted news saying "Myself (Nagma) and Jothika are born to one mother but fathered by different persons" She now says that her life style forced her to attempt suicide and hence she has sought the help of the Lord.
Nagma is a converter Christian now. As the proverb says "Converted Christian is a better Christian", to prove this, she has taken the Bible in her hand and started preaching to others?
To be noted here is that she has already tried following many cults and as of now she is a Christian.
The worst part to Christianity is that this female will be preaching religion to others. Should a law be enforced, so that only people with Theological qualification shall preach religion?
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GodFather - Lord of NAI

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