Real life depicted in Antony Yaar?

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Real life depicted in Antony Yaar? Empty Real life depicted in Antony Yaar?

Post by Maya on Fri May 09, 2008 11:04 am

Real life depicted in Antony Yaar? Shaam10
Shaam who had none of his film bringing him in good fortunes is expecting a lot when it comes to his forthcoming movie Antony Yaar. The bubby and chocolate boy kind of role seems to have been boring for Shaam and that's the reason he is opting for different characterizations like Auto Driver and Fisherman. Well, Antony Yaar directed by C Vijay Kumar has Shaam playing the role of a fisherman and the story is more focused on the difficult lives of various fishermen who spend most of their times across the seas and oceans. Malikka Kapoor donning the female lead role plays the role of a research student who makes her visit to coastal regions for getting more details and study on the everyday lives of fishermen. Director Lal plays the negative role in the movie.

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