Secret behind the name Mysskin

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Secret behind the name Mysskin Empty Secret behind the name Mysskin

Post by Priya on Thu May 08, 2008 4:01 pm

Have you ever wondered why a Tamil director with great movies like Chitriram Pesudadi and Anjathey will have a Russian name? Well here is the secret behind director Mysskinís name, His real name is Raja but he felt that there were way too many people by the name of Rajas in our country. He decided to have a name which conveyed some magic and hence decided to get it changed it. He loves Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky, a Russian novelist and writer of fiction. Mysskin is the name of one of the central characters of Dostoevsky book.

The director is now turning hero in his next movie Nandhalala, which was supposed to have been his second film. The movie is about two kids travelling together to find their mothers; one is a seven-year old boy and the other though 20 has the mental age of a seven-year old. They both meet and start the journey together.

He is on a diet to lose weight for his role in this movie and has already lost 9 kgs, in the past one month. His aim is to reduce to 65 kgs from his past 90 kgs. He will be working with Actor Surya in his next movie.
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