Sathyaraj well known for his class

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Sathyaraj well known for his class Empty Sathyaraj well known for his class

Post by Maya on Wed May 07, 2008 10:45 am

Sathyaraj well known for his class 1sathy11
Sathyaraj who has a set a trend for himself is still at ease and has carved a niche for himself in Tamil film Industry. He is well known for his peppy for lollu dialogues like ennama kannu and en characteraye purinijka matengara.
Despite the fact that lot of youngsters have come into the field, Sathyaraj coolly steers himself without any hassles. Recently he was awarded for the best actor. In recent times he has given wonderful performances which is really award worthy. In Onbathu Roobai Nottu he broke all the barriers of acting nuance.He had come out with flying colours in the character Madavar Padaiyachi which won laurels of critical acclaim. He played both Periyar and the character in Kannamoochi Enada with ease.

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