Simbhu wants theater to vibrate

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Simbhu wants theater to vibrate Empty Simbhu wants theater to vibrate

Post by Priya on Tue May 06, 2008 2:12 pm

Simbhu is young and funny. Most of the time his imaginations are wild and he thinks great of himself with over confidence.

He is going to deliver some dialogues in the movie Silambattam and he feels these dialogues will make the theaters vibrate?

What is that dialogue he is going to deliver? Is it going to be in the way something Sivaji sir delivers? Even if it is the same dialogue then one should have the voice and image to create vibration in the theater, is that not? Can Simbhu do the same thing Sivaji sir do?

We enquired what will be the dialogue, just to alert our readers before the theaters started vibrating! He says that he will repeat saying "Pirichchi Maenchiduven"

He confidently says "My this two word dialogue in combination with my fingering tricks???? will surely make the film a super hit".
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