Actresses switching back to original names

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Actresses switching back to original names Empty Actresses switching back to original names

Post by Priya on Sat May 03, 2008 1:21 pm

Actresses in Kollywood are known to change their name on screen, something that will appeal to the audience. Remember Ragini, who debuted opposite Sundar C. in ‘Sandai’. This young lass who hails from Malaysia has her actual name as is Ramya . She changed her name to Ragini to avoid confusion with Kuthu fame Ramya. But Kuthu Ramya has switched back to her original name which is Divya Spandana.
Now, Ragini has decided to switch back to her original name, Ramya. This young actress is on the roll since her debut in Sandai. She has been signed again for the next Sundar C movie.
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