Bollywood has no scope for creativity

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Bollywood has no scope for creativity Empty Bollywood has no scope for creativity

Post by swatika on Sat May 03, 2008 10:26 am

After proving his prowess with Shammi Kappor-starer 'Professor' and several other movies and TV serials in good old days, director Lekh Tondon has become estranged from making bollwood films believing the industry has "lost its scope for creative freedom."
The filmmaker says that the artists' creativity is suppressed due to commercial compulsion of film makers.
"Bollywood has become a corporate business. You have to be focused on commercial profit rather than on your creativity. The chances of experiment is very less," says Tondon adding "absolutely, this is the reason why I have stopped making Bollywood films and shifted to small screen long back."
The director also feels that Aamir Khan's 'Taare Zameen Par' and Ajay Devgan's 'U, Me aur Hum' are some of the outcome of suppressed creative thrust of the actors.
"Its because of their dissatisfaction... They (Aamir Khanand Ajay Devgan) are not satisfied with what they are doing. Can any producer do what Aamir Khan has done in "Tare ZameenPar"? asks Tondon while commending recent works of a few actor-turned-directors in Bollywood.
Tondon also refuses to believe the financial constraints in making films meaningful and socially relevant. "Financial problems can not become obstacles. Not only Aamir Khan can take risk because he can afford, Shyam Benegal takes risk even in less money," adds Tondon who always believe in working on socially relevant themes.
On the recent Pakistani film 'Khuda Ke Liye' made by Pakistani director Shoab Mansoor, Tondon says that a character of Muslim cleric (played by Nasiruddin Shah) has made a significant comment indirectly towards communalism.
"Actually, we should not talk about what we have against each other. Instead, we should talk what we have in common," says the director who is planning to make a serial on Partition.
"More that sixty years have passed. I want people to think what we have gained and what we have lost in this period.
After all we have so much in common. Who can say in India that I don't know about sufi music and ghazals? Who doesn't know about the Indian classical music in Pakistan?" asks Tondon. The director who has cast Shahrukh Khan in one of his serials "Dil Darya" much before the dawn of his stardom in Bollywood, says he always wants to experiment with new artists.
"If you cast a new actor, they maintain the prominance of the character of your story. When you pick a star, it overshadows the character's existance," says Tondon. Tondon, 79, has come up with his new television serial "Bikhri Aas Nikhri Preet" teaming up with Bollywood's legendry music composer Omar Khayyam.
The 52-episode long serial based on a hindi novel 'Vyavdhan (obstacle)', which is releasing on Doordarshan from April 27, will have eight songs composed by Khayyam.
On giving preference to Doordarshan out of several other entertainment channels, Tondon says "the channel lets you do whatever you want. It gives extreme freedom for creativity."
Criticising TV serials for glamourising hatred, intrigue and superstitions, Tondon says "ask them why they are not changing. I don't do such things."
"My serial is different all together. Though, there is a'saas (mother-in-law)' in my serial, there is a 'bahu (daughter-in-law)' also. But nobody is conspiring against anyone.In fact they are concerned about each other and always ready to sacrifce for their promises," Tondon claims.
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