Happy Birthday Ajith Kumar

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Happy Birthday Ajith Kumar Empty Happy Birthday Ajith Kumar

Post by Maya on Fri May 02, 2008 11:01 am

Happy Birthday Ajith Kumar Ajith210

A man known for his straight forwardness and honesty would be the simplest term to define Mr. Ajith Kumar, the versatile personality in the tinsel town. Its not just his stunning and stylish looks that has gained him good name and fame amongst the masses. But his dedication and Passion for his career, good heartedness and simplicity have won him the laurels of not just as an actor, but a good role model.
Today, we find many young directors and actors of Kollywood saying deep from their heart that Ajith Kumar has remained as their main inspiration for turning into successful personalities.
Today, this man celebrates his birthday and we convey him the heartiest birthday wishes for the ultimate star and pray God that success may keep accompanying him right throughout…

GodFather - Lord of NAI
GodFather - Lord of NAI

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