Kuselan sold for Rs. 650 million

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Kuselan sold for Rs. 650 million Empty Kuselan sold for Rs. 650 million

Post by swatika on Mon Apr 28, 2008 1:41 pm

There were lots of news from the very beginning of the Rajini starer movie Kuselan on its business. To say, even before the movie was launched the producer was more interested in the money that he may count (Count the chickens before the eggs are laid - business philosophy?)
Even Rajini took pain to control the business plan for the movie by announcing that he is just 10% part in this movie.
The producer some how managed to make 650 million rupees by selling the rights to Sai Meera Group. Both Tamil and Telugu rights were sold to that company for this price.
Now Sai Meera will try to sell the movie for even higher price!
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