Namitha huged Sarath in front of Radhika!

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Namitha huged Sarath in front of Radhika! Empty Namitha huged Sarath in front of Radhika!

Post by swatika on Mon Apr 28, 2008 1:37 pm

Radhika is now concentrating on her other avatar that of being wife to actor-politician Sarath Kumar.
The actress is busy putting together a portfolio for her husband, one that focuses on women in the state. She has put something of a booklet together that tells women about their rights and also hints to them about what they can expect if Sarath comes to power.
Sarath has put Radhika in charge of helping him gather women's votes. It is also learnt that Namitha has got soft corner for Sarath.
At a recent party Namitha ran up to Sarath and gave him a great big hug putting Radhika in an embracing situation who was also present there.
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